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I am in the Department of Computer Science Um-Alqura University, Makkah, Saudi Arabia. My research areas include Biometrics, Intelligent Pattern Recognition and Intelligent monitoring.


The research field of biometrics is evolving at a faster pace due to the availability of large computational resources at cheaper price. It can be applied to a variety of areas including forensics as well as civilian applications like ATMs, smart cards, computers, helping aids for the disabled persons etc. Biometrics is the science of identifying or verifying a person on the basis of his physical and behavioral features which may include his fingerprints, iris, face, voice, walking gait, hand geometry, signatures etc. I am exploring new algorithms to obtain high accuracy of classifications.

Intelligent Pattern Recognition

I am doing research in computational intelligence using neural networks and genetic algorithms in various applications related to pattern recognition. Areas of applications include character recognition and biomedical signals. We are applying various pattern recognition techniques in heart rate variability analysis to classify the diseases. I am also looking forward to do research in brain activity analysis.


Dr Muhammad Arif

mahamid{at the rate of}uqu.edu.sa

Dr Muhammad Arif
Professor, Dept. of Computer Science
College of Computer and Information system,
Al-Abidiyya Building
Um-Alqura University, PO Box 715
Makkah, Saudi Arabia

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